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More traffic, quantifiably delivered. You want your business to grow. You know you're better than your competitors yet they seem to be generating more traffic than you and they are cleaning up. You read about and see them everywhere online. The question is, how do you close that gap quickly? How do you find out what it is that's working for them and where you’re potentially lagging behind?

This is where our platform comes in. Whilst most digital marketing advice is ironically anecdotal, we're different. Our unique platform will collect data on you and your competitors on a daily basis to quantify the aspects of those digital marketing initiatives that are driving customer traffic, be it from social media, content marketing, search engines, online PR or other.

The platform’s artificial intelligence algorithms will look at over 50 factors (and counting) from the content that gets traction online to the causal factors such as sentiment, key words, use of video and so forth. These factors will then be modelled to predict the winning benchmarks that will lead to increase in traffic and other relevant outcomes.

The platforms delivers:

  • real-time performance data on your company website and online marketing initiatives and the effect this has on your traffic
  • the game changing aspects of your competitor's success
  • how to exploit all these insights and create a digital strategy that can give you the competitive advantage.
  • Statistics which are 95% proven to increase traffic, engagement or revenue.

For more information on our platform or if you’d like to talk to us about your brand please call us for a quick chat on 0208 920 3434

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