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Digital Marketing has of course been around for a while now and should form a vital part of any modern brand strategy. However, the big question that businesses constantly have to ask themselves is where to invest their time and budget in this digital whirlwind. SEO, SOPR, PPC, Social Media, AdWords, Analytics, Viral Videos, Emails, Lead Nurturing etc. The list has become endless as new technologies and social media sites emerge on an almost daily basis.

Naturally you need a brilliant website and time and effort should be invested to ensure that your web presence supports and enhances your brand message and ultimately helps drive new business. But caution should be shown when embarking on an online strategy as it can potentially cost a lot of time and resources to make any real long standing impact.

Latitude work with clients to create and execute Digital Strategies that impact the correct audiences and will offer the best bang for their buck. We also use unique and ground breaking deep-trawl monitoring software that provides us with real-time insight into how your online presence compares with competitive businesses and what should be done to surpass them. 

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Due to the continuous emergence of new technologies there are now hundreds of ways in which brands can approach and communicate with their audiences. Latitude work with a deep-trawl analytics platform that offers a strategic advantage against client competitors and we create digital brands that will stand out in what is rapidly becoming an overcrowded market.