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In todays crowded, highly competitive and noisy marketplace the need to stand out is becoming increasingly more important…and difficult. It is estimated that every 48 hours we now create more content than the entire human race has generated up to 2012! So why would you even think of adding more volume to an already very noisy world? For a very simple reason: it works.

If used correctly (and as part of a wider brand strategy) Content Marketing can be one of the most effective tools to communicate your brand message to potential clients. In simple terms, Content Marketing works by sharing your expertise and educating your market, providing them with thought-leading information that they want to read, NOT what you want to sell to them. It’s a soft-sell marketing structure, but through avenues such as social media, online PR, microsites and newsletters/emails your brand can not only reach, but start to interact with vast and wide-spread audiences. Content Marketing can also offer great benefits when it comes to search-optimizing your website and will provide vital supporting documentation for other marketing campaigns.

At Latitude we work closely with the client to devise long-term B2B Content Marketing Strategies that are time- and cost effective, can be easily supported and quality-checked internally and will work seamlessly within the overall Brand Strategy.

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In a world of big data and even more content Latitude work with brands to create thought-leadership marketing collateral that enhances the brand message and is read and shared by the desired target markets. Content marketing has changed the way in which businesses engage with their audiences and Latitude will work with clients to ensure that these interactions lead to sales.