Brand Insight

Our approach to effective brand development starts with Our Brand Insight process. This is a 3 day process (2 days preparation & research and 1 day consultation at the client’s offices) that offers an expert review of your brand, objectives, existing marketing strategy, company positioning, market place, competitors, key messaging and marketing collateral. The review of these critical factors will be used to determine to what extent they are assisting your company and what changes may need to be implemented before we proceed with any creative work.

The process provides:

  • Clarity, direction and structure for us as well as your company to enable long-term brand positioning.
  • A very clear understanding of the initiatives and marketing materials that are required in order to support or enhance your brand strategy.
  • A brand messaging structure that can be driven throughout the business

For more information on our Brand Insight process or if you’d like to talk to us about your brand please call us for a quick chat on 0208 920 3434

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