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Creating a successful brand is not just about great design and goes far beyond a logo, some striking graphics and a colour palette. It’s about creating a coherent brand message and customer experience right across the business, regardless of where and how they interact with your business. Whether it’s a business card, a Powerpoint presentation or a 6 month marketing campaign, each and every single element needs to be approached with the same thought: Is the message correct, does it fit with and enhance the brand and will it create the desired response.

This is why before we start branding (or re-branding) any client we run a Brand Insight process to ensure that everyone involved is crystal clear on the business and brand objectives, what internal processes may need to be changed in order to support those objectives and what marketing channels will be the right course of action for the long-term growth of the brand. 

Of course the actual design work that follows is critical to the success of the brand (and is treated as such) but the continuous thinking behind the execution ensures that the business stands out in the right places and resounds with the right audience.

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What we do

Whatever your design requirements, Latitude can deliver. Over the past 16 years our in-house design team have designed everything from complete brands, websites, brochures, logos and infographics to product packaging, print ads, billboards and exhibition materials. Whatever the strategy outlines, if it needs to look amazing and enhances the brand we’ll make it happen.