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So what do you want to do with your online presence? What do you want it to achieve? Sales, inform, support your brand message? The key of a good website is to know what you are trying to do with it. Many clients we speak to say ‘we don’t win any clients from our website’. The thing they seem to miss is that they may be losing quite a few. The website however you look at it is now a mainstay and absolutely vital within the marketing and business mix, whatever marketplace or vertical.

So before you design or develop the site think about what you actually expect people to do when they see it. If you are trying to drive people to it to generate business think about how social media and content management will bolt into the structure and equally the navigation you wish the viewer to go through to encourage the sale.

If it is purely a brochure site and will be there as a destination to support other activities again think, if you were the viewer what would you like to see first, second, third? What key messages do you want to come across about you brand to the visitor. ALL of this must be thought about before you design as the more it is considered the easier the design will become and the more effective. Without it the design simply becomes a nice wrapper or as we call it lipstick on a pig. It’s still a pig just a good looking one.

When developing if again you have thought about what you are trying to achieve with the site you should have looked at how the site will evolve and ensure that all functionality has a way of being bolted into the site and navigation isn’t effected. Everything is in the preparation as they say.

The key benefits clients achieve through a stunningly designed and thought through website are:

  • Wins new business and continues to support and enhance the brand message.
  • Allows continuous online strategy and growth without redesign or development.
  • Do it once do it right.

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