Viral campaigns

Viral campaigns have been a hit since the advent of the internet where the word viral suddenly went….well, viral. Until then for something to go viral it had to work through word of mouth and couldn’t be automatically shared with millions within minutes. Viral growth was shared by people recommending through conversation or a reward structure driven by the company.

The inception of the internet has allowed many products and services to launch and become highly successful very quickly. HOWEVER and it is a big however (hence capitalized) no-one can say 100% that something will go viral, as it is the audience that decides not you and not your marketing/advertising company. Equally the things that typically go viral are charitable, none sales related or pictures of animals doing funny things. Sad I know but true all the same.

Viral campaigns can come in many forms and all have the key benefit that they are spread via a third party and therefore costs are relatively low and uptake high hence why they are the holy grail of all marketing activities. Some of the most common versions of virally spread marketing pieces are infographics, videos, and interactive infographics which carry not only information but have a high entertainment value.

You could equally say that some businesses are built virally, facebook, linkedin, foursquare and to some extent google. Apple is a viral brand using peer power and innovators to push the concept in the early stages. Equally many games are viral (angry birds, minecraft, club penguin) the use of the internet has created a global sharing/viral opportunity where previously there wasn’t one.

So how can you make the most of viral? Well although you can’t guarantee something going viral you can do as much as possible to help; market research, competitive analysis and having access to a community that may appreciate and share whatever you have produced and having a standing within that community helps. . This is (in our opinion) where a strong brand can utilise viral AND word of mouth to really benefit sales and reduce customer churn. Our advice aim for viral, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t hit the levels you’d wished and ensure that you do a lot of planning before you spend your cash.

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