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Without strategy you’ll only end up with chaos. We regularly get enquiries from businesses asking us to re-design their website or to create a new marketing campaign and of course we’re happy to do that. However, when they don’t have an overall brand strategy in place these projects tend to be become just piece-meal design jobs. They’ll probably do the intended job but if the rest of the brand isn’t coherent it can become a pretty pointless and expensive excersize.

Latitude work with clients to examine, unpick, re-structure and optimise their business by creating brand strategies that can be driven through, and supported by, the entire business to ensure long-term sustainable sales success.

We believe brands are made up of people as much sales collateral and often our strategy work may also encompass cultural, leadership, administrative and operational roles.

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The B2B market is now very crowded and highly competitive and as such it is essential to have a stand-out message and a solid B2B Brand & Marketing strategy. Latitude work with clients to create highly targeted on- and offline strategies that the business can support internally and will deliver results.