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Get social with your business!

3 in 5 businesses now say that they win new customers through the use of social media. But it can be a time consuming process that needs to be strategised and managed properly in order to get the best returns. Our cost-effective, flexible packages are designed to take away the hassle of social media strategy and management, leaving you to do what you do best. For more information on our social media packages or for a quick no obligation chat about your business, please call Luke Nottingham on 0208 920 3434.

Social Essentials

Initial Set Up (£350+VAT), then £350+VAT p/month*

  • Social media account set up & branding (up to 3 accounts)
    Our design team will set-up your social media accounts (if necessary) and add your company's branding. We'll design header images, write summary texts, add images and logos. Whatever can be personalised to your business will be personalised.
  • Market & competitor research
  • Social strategy & conceptualisation
    There's no point simply running off and 'doing social media' for the sake of it. You'll just waste your time and money. That's why, before we start, we'll work with you to create a long-term social strategy that makes the most of your available resources.
  • Google Business set-up
    Provide your customers with instant info when they search for you on Google! Our social team will create a Google Business account (if you haven't got one already) and will add your company branding, logos, summary text, opening times, images etc. 
  • Month on month audience building
    We'll build your social following month on month across all of your accounts, providing you with data on how your accounts are performing. 
  • Daily community management & query responses
    We'll monitor activity across all your accounts on a daily basis and will respond to general messages/tweets/posts on your behalf. Any sales queries or technical questions about your business that we can't answer will be passed directly on to you.
  • Content posting & management (1 post p/day)
    During the initial set-up phase we'll work with you to collate any internal resources that you may have at your disposal that can be shared, such as blogs, articles, images, events that you may be attending, news or other interesting content. Our experienced team will develop a strategy for your business content that maximises output, reach and engagement for your brand, products or services.
  • Identifying & re-posting relevant external content (Once a fortnight)
    We'll trawl the internet and social media sites for relevant, engaging content (blogs, articles, images, infographics etc) that relate to your business, industry and audience that would be worth sharing. And don't worry, we'll always run everything past you first to ensure we're sending out the right type of content. 
  • Identifying industry trends & 'piggy backing'
    Our social media specialists will keep tabs on the latest trends and appropriate content, piggy-backing off these to increase engagement and audience reach.
  • Monthly reporting
    At the end of each month we'll deliver an overview report of your social media activity such as the amount of followers, posts, re-tweets, shares and any other relevant community engagement


Signature Social

Initial Set Up (£350+VAT), then £750+VAT p/month*

  • Social media account set up & branding for up to 4 accounts
  • Content posting & management (Up to 2 posts p/day)
  • Identifying & re-posting relevant external content (Once a week)
  • Monitoring competitor activity
    Your social media manager will keep close tabs on what your direct competitors are doing or saying on their social media channels. Whether they're running special offers, promotions or setting up events, if something's working well for them we'll pick up on it immediately and work out whether we can copy or improve on it. 
  • Bespoke content generation (1 piece p/month)
    Once a month we'll create and post a bespoke piece of content for you, whether it's a blog, article, advert or infographic...the choice is yours. You know your industry best though, so depending on how much technical knowledge or industry insight is required, we may ask you to supply the basic concept or a rough outline of an article. Our expert copywriters will then adjust, re-write or adapt it and turn it into 'click candy' to ensure the best possible audience engagement. 


Complete Social

Initial Set Up (£350+VAT), then £1250+VAT p/month*

  • Social media account set up & branding for up to 5 accounts
  • Content posting & management (Up to 3 posts p/day)
  • Identifying & re-posting relevant external content (Twice a week)
  • Bespoke content generation (2 pieces p/month)
  • PPC ad design & placement (1 Ad p/month. Includes £25 ad spend)
    Paid advertising on social media channels can produce great results and our social team will work with you to devise a PPC strategy that works for your business and audience and according to your preferred monthly budget. Our design team will then design and place the ad(s) for you across the relevant social channels. We'll also include £25 worth of ad spend every month, which can be used to test a campaign's response before spending your own budget. 
  • Email marketing & management (1 campaign p/month via MailChimp)
    Email marketing is making a bit of a comeback and can produce great results if done well. Whether you wish to send out special offers, news, promotions or would like to send out a monthly newsletter, our design team will work with you to create beautiful HTML emails to send out to your database.  

The world of social media is varied and complex and certain channels or approaches work better for some businesses than others. That's why our packages are pretty flexible and can be changed according to your needs. Call us for a quick chat and we'll work out the best possible structure for your business. 

*Minimum sign-up: 3 months. 

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