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Marketing and branding in our mind is only half of the game. As a company we could drive as many people to our clients as they could handle however if their sales presentations/strategy/materials aren’t aligned or structured to support our initiatives then chances are we won’t be anywhere as effective as we could be.

This is why whilst we work with clients to define a strong marketing strategy and brand look and feel we often advise on sales processes and the structures required to encourage high sales returns.

Typically there is a need to build a strong muscle within the sales team and encourage them to break patterns that usually create long pipelines but little return. Latitude advise on the Sandler method of sales training (Voted number one sales process 9 years out of 11) and help clients build focused materials and messages that support this sales process.

We work closely and highly recommend London based Sandler trainer Luke Davis who undertakes any face to face training.

Alongside the mindset a strategic process is often required to build sales. This can include post sales work, pre sales, upselling the client at specific times during the relationship, creating a new service that allows a client to start working with you without committing to a long term relationship plus a multitude of other things. These processes often require in some way or another sales materials to support the sale.

Latitude define these processes and materials during our brand insight structure ( and enable clients to internally manage and process their side of the sales delivery process.

The key benefits for this are:

  • End to end new business sales process which encompasses pre and post sales methodology.
  • Business focused sales plans created that enable the business to scale and future proof themselves so that consistent manageable growth occurs.
  • All communication touch points are the same so that the potential client gets the same key messaging where ever and however they touch the business.

We think this makes sense and from the feedback and results we deliver so do our clients.

For further information and an understanding of how Latitude help companies discover and enhance their digital and social media strategy please download our brand insight brochure here >

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