Product design and packaging

How come some products not only get placed by shops and supermarkets but they sell and get repeat sales? Is it only down to the product or is there something else at work? Obviously the key behind any product selling is the quality, price and relevance to the target. However to create consistent, scalable sales often takes both a great product and the building of a brand and following through design and marketing.

Having packaging that is attractive and memorable is key, aligning this with social media structures that support the message, including key messaging on the packaging to create loyalty within the target is also vital. If you look at Coke where does the drink stop and the packaging begin? Is the brand the drink or the packaging?

Great packaging stands out and encourages people to be inquisitive and investigate it further, the product will then (if good enough) encourage purchase and repeat sales. If there is more than one product in the range then a strong brand look and feel is vital.

Latitude have designed and helping create food, chemical and retail products for our clients helping them create a strong identity in their marketplace. Often we have been invited to input into new product development conversations which has allowed us to help structure marketing and social media processes.

In our mind this area is one of the most fun parts of design as it allows us 3D freedom and one we warmly welcome enquiries under.

The key benefits behind great product design and packaging are:


  • Creates stand out from competitive products.
  • Builds strong brand loyalty and recognition.
  • Allows for new products to be added without compromising the overall brand range.

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