Print, TV and outdoor advertising

Often called ‘above the line’ advertising this is the glory side (as it’s the most expensive and recognisable) form of brand recognition. Because of the cost, expected returns and strategy should be crystal clear otherwise a lot of money and time can be wasted.

Print, TV and outdoor processes build huge brand recognition as they can hit a huge audience at one time, however typically there is also a lot of wastage because of this. Hence with the current estimate that people are daily bombarded with around 5000 messages getting your messaging in the right place at the right time to make the spend worthwhile is key to the spend.

Because these processes are typically brand building and NOT direct sales producing activities they are usually offered within an integrated marketing structure where clients drive viewers to another destination (website/microsite/social media platform/app) and interact with them there. This can be highly effective and create huge brand awareness very quickly however because of this clients should be aware that it all comes at a risk (what most agencies won’t tell you).

Highly structured, thought through plans help negate the risk and allow all parties to understand what to expect and what is expected of each party. Latitude work all the key decision makers before the programme starts encouraging open conversation, clear thinking and total clarity before we start getting creative and winning business.

The key benefits behind running a focused, integrated print, TV and outdoor advertising campaign are:

  • Huge coverage and brand recognition quickly.
  • Possibility to create traffic and potential sales on a huge scale through integrated process.
  • Perception of being a big, established brand due to cost and scale.

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