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At Latitude we have a pretty distinct view of how the B2B branding & sales process should work. We believe it goes far beyond just strategy, design and branding and includes other vital aspects such as client psychology, internal company processes, brand culture, staff engagement and truly understanding the competition. During our 15 years in the B2B marketing arena we have learned a thing or two. So we thought we’d share some of those insights...

Back to brand basics

25 Simple questions and actions that will help you to improve you sales & marketing initiatives

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10 Key things to consider if you're thinking about rebranding

Follow these simple guidelines to make the most of your rebranding excercise

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5 Common Business Diseases

Is your business quietly suffering from one of the five common business ailments? Click here to find out.

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The Reluctant Shopper

An in-depth white paper that explains the B2B sale and addresses the potential obstacles that you may be facing

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Mind the Brand Gap

The importance of creating, supporting and maintaining a cohesive brand experience throughout your business...

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Why you should get rid of sh*t clients

Have you ever considered how much better your business could operate if you got rid of all your ‘bad’ clients?

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Why You? Our managing director's new book is finished!

Download a free PDF version of Marketing Director Cliff Findlay’s new book: Why You?. 150 Pages full of insightful...

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We think that too often Brand & Marketing agencies take the easy option and simply end up doing do what the client wants rather than what they truly need. At Latitude we think and we challenge. We have our own view on the world of marketing and branding. Some agree with our view, some disagree and that’s fine by us. We say it how it is and like open, frank conversation with clients. If that’s what you like and are fed up with marketing speak, then maybe give us a call.