Yeah, but we never win business from our website.

Posted on:18. 06. 2014

By Cliff Findlay

Oh if I had a pound……. We hear this oh so often and it is one of the funniest sayings that any company can come out with. Excuse me if you are one of them but seriously, it is dumb beyond belief.  Okay so I suppose I'd best prove what I’m saying is correct. Here goes...

When you are approached by a new contact or a potential supplier what is the first thing you do? Sorry what was that? You go and look at their website? Exactly. And if the website is poor, badly messaged and looks like it was created 10 years ago by the MD’s son, what happens to your perception of that company? Yeah, thought so...

Your website is vital to sales and the brand positioning of your business as it is the first place everyone goes to. So yes, maybe you get most of your new business through referrals and have never won any direct business through your website. However, how much business have you potentially lost because your website is poor? Will you ever know how many conversations have taken place where a client has referred you, the potential client has visited your site and thought 'Errrrr, no thanks"?

However, it isn’t just the internet where this happens. It occurs during conversation, presentations, networking. It happens during every verbal and non-verbal communication. EVERY touch point throughout the sales process creates an image of what and who you are in the recipient's mind. 

The sales proces, as described in our white paper The Reluctant Shopper (click here to download), is fraught with moments where you can lose a client for good. You could do all the hard work, ensure that they know they should be spending money and yet they don’t spend it with you.

So what can you do about it? One of the easiest ways to think through this dilemma is to think about what reaction or sales process/cycle you currently run. Look at everything the potential client may or may not do. Then think how you could make the best impression. Whether that is with initial cold call scripts or PowerPoint presentations. Think ‘if I were them, what would I expect to see or hear?

See everything from their perspective rather than yours. In the end they are buying you, not the other way around. You may even start writing content based around the benefits you give to THEM not about how great YOU are. Which although helps your ego does nothing for the potential client’s needs. You might even consider

For more information you may like to read 'Why You'? A book by our MD. ( or maybe give us a call and we’ll happily start you on your way with one of our Brand Insight programmes that will give you a clear insight into how and what you might become as a brand.



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