Our network is growing!

Posted on:16. 01. 2015

By Cliff Findlay

Last year, out of pure frustration, our Marketing Director (Cliff) made the decision to create his own networking group. “I was sick and tired of going to networking events where there was a distinct lack of quality, people simply wishing to sell to you or charge lots of money for attending an educational or speaker driven meeting”.

Cliff set up Tribe160 with 10 of the key people in his network in London and soon the group grew to 20, with monthly meetings at Nabarro's and Clydesdale bank's offices. The group threw its doors open properly in September this year and within a month 35 new members had joined the group. “The need for a group such as this has taken me by surprise” said Cliff “and we are now in the process of starting up groups in Birmingham, Worcester, Germany, the US and Australia”

The Tribe160 Network is by invite only, peer to peer and not for profit. “It’s a networking group, not a money making scheme. The aim is to create one of the most powerful and rewarding business networking groups globally.” Maybe that’s why it’s already so successful!

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