More veg than we can eat this year

Posted on:01. 10. 2013

By Cliff Findlay

More veg than we can eat this year

Yes, we're a bunch of hardcore, business focused marketing and design execs but we do love a good bit of vegetable growing. We all know it's not particularly healthy to sit behind a computer screen all day long so to incentivise staff to get more fresh air, excersize and take home some proper quality food on top we decided to take over the running of a run down 250 sq/m veg plot at a local allotment.

After some back-breaking clearing, digging, weeding, composting and bamboo-cane scaffolding (and watching an unhealthy amount of Monty Don programmes) we're now reaping the rather plentiful fruits and veg of our labours. So if you're ever in need of fresh peas, new potatoes, fennel, tomatoes, herbs, courgettes, chili, asparagus, cucumbers, raspberries, apples, runner beans, carrots, beetroot, lettuce, mange tout, kale, butternut squash or cabbages...give us a shout because our freezers are full!

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