Latitude to rebrand Epicuro

Posted on:17. 04. 2014

By Cliff Findlay

Epicuro produce a wide range of environmentally conscious, protective buiding materials for the construction industry specialising in waterproofing, damp elimination, cleaning and the protection of porous materials such as concrete, cement, stone and hard paving.  

Their products are regularly used on large-scale construction projects such as the Olympic Village and London Bridge Station and due to their extremely low (or often non-existent) solvent content they provide a much safer solution for enclosed building projects such as tunnels, basements and underground carparks.

To date the company had never spent any real attention on brand development and the current image no longer reflects the type and size of business they've grown into.  So Latitude have been contracted to refresh the company completely from top to toe, including a new corporate identity, product packaging, technical data sheets and brochures. It's an exciting project and we're hoping to re-launch the brand within the next few months.

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