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Posted on:14. 11. 2013

By Cliff Findlay

As you can see, no matter how jumbled up the letters are, the human brain can quite happily make up the meaning of each word as long as the first and last letters are in the right place. So as long as it knows where it should start and end it will fill in the bits in between. The same can be said for your business strategy. As long as you are very clear about where you start(ed) and where you want to end up, the easier it will become to work out whether you are doing all the right things in order to get there. 

So when was the last time, as a business, you stood back and actually considered where you wish to be in 1, 3 or even 5 years? Whether what you are doing now is compatible to where you want to be going and if what you’ve sold from the beginning will still provide the returns you hope for in the future?

The aim and ambitions of a business are critical to its success. Still, so often we’re amazed that this question hasn’t been thought about or discussed since business inception. The problem with this is that often businesses can change over time. New opportunities or markets may have opened up which have slowly lead to new services or products. So over time the initial directive of the business may have, unwittingly, become something else. And at other times what seemed like a good idea in the beginning may have turned into an albatross around the companies’ neck, taking it in a direction detrimental to its success.

So let’s just imagine that you sat back and created a master plan of what the end result should look like and how big you want the business to become in your particular market. Now imagine that you shared that vision with all of your key decision makers and staff. How would that impact your business? How much more productive could everyone become if they knew where they were heading?



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