Business jargon that annoys me most

Posted on:21. 08. 2015

By Cliff Findlay

In the world of business there is so much talking going on that we end up coining these awful phrases and using words out of context in order to appear current and knowledgeable. While not terrible in theory, it usually ends up with the majority of us using terms which make others feel physically sick. These are the worst offenders in my opinion.

Authentic, along with my other examples below, is one of the most overused words in business. So people aren't authentic? If you’re not authentic, does that make you ‘false’? How do people use this as a descriptive for their company? How do you even have an ‘authentic conversation’? Does that mean that others don’t? Poppycock!

In a nutshell, this is a big word that means ‘working together’. It describes one of the absolute basics to success in business. It’s what business is all about. Would you even be able to work in a way that was not synergistic? Answers on a postcard please!

There are millions of business people in the world and apparently millions of experts. What is an expert? How do you a) qualify and b) state that you are? No one is an expert. There is always more to learn as the business world constantly evolves and changes. Expert today, outdated tomorrow.

My absolute most hated word. Used more often than not by companies trying to show they work with and alongside others as a whole to build a better company. Again, isn't that just business? How else can you work? It’s been swiped from health manuals looking at the human form is now abused on a website not far from you by companies who have adopted it to show they are 'connected' and that they understand the bigger picture. Like expert and every other term I’ve listed, its been overused to a point where now it means absolutely nothing!



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