The 3 basic rules of online content marketing

Posted on:24. 01. 2014

By Cliff Findlay

1. Content is king

In this world, everyone is a thought leader and I mean everyone. Last year it was expert, this year it’s thought leader!

The funny thing is when you read what they have to say often they are all saying the same thing. In my opinion, too many people simply regurgitate the same old stuff. What are you saying that is different? What makes you so special?

The way you write, what you write about? Find something. If you don’t, you’re just the same as everyone else and you know what? That isn’t interesting.

2. Content is king

Who’s talking about you? Google’s Penguin works out the amount of conversation that you are generating around yourself or company and how many people are talking about you and what you write, not how much content you generate.

Makes sense. Therefore, simply creating the content isn’t enough. It all relies on people forwarding your material and mentioning you in their content. What are you doing or creating that stimulates interest for others? How are you helping them share it?

3. Content is king

People don’t read anymore. They don’t seem to have the time or attention span. Therefore, whatever you have to say, keep it short. As we say ‘Speak little, say much, get heard’. The shorter and punchier it is the better. It will take you longer to write as you will have to edit and re-edit the piece, but if two or three times the amount of people read and share it, it’s time well spent.

Make sense? Stop producing poor quality content, filling social media with rubbish and get followers and people talking about you.

Oh and if you like these rules of online marketing, share them!

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