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In today’s busy, highly competitive market there is more noise and more competition than ever before whatever the vertical or horizontal. There is no cheap option, however there are some more expensive than others. Failure for instance can be very costly both to the business and personally. This is why a marketing strategy needs to be considered an integral part of the development of both your business and brand.

A good strategy will help you build, structure and grow your business whilst constantly refining and developing your strategy, not changing it. It should also help you look at ALL touch points and areas that need attention to ensure that at all times your brand is represented at its best. With a good marketing strategy quick wins and scalable build can be created without a huge financial investment however typically time will be required to think how impact can be created to stand you out from the crowd.

The downside to not having a short, medium and long term marketing strategy is typically chaotic wins, constant churn, unpredictable wins and therefore no scalability. This in itself prevents a business from growing in a systemised structured way.

Latitude have helped many businesses generate many millions of pounds of turnover through tactical marketing strategy and highly focused thinking, in fact it is one of the areas we believe we excel in. Often the strategy starts with a key message to market that stands it apart from its competitors and allows it to attract the right kind of client.

The benefits our clients tell us they encounter through having a strategy are:

  • A systemised approach that allows the business to focus and scale year on year.
  • An understanding of what is and isn't working and therefore a way of defining and redefining their processes to ensure better and better win rates.
  • Clarity around their business that can be explained internally and supported by the staff and key decision makers.

To kick start the thinking that leads to a defined marketing strategy latitude have created something called a brand insight where we revue the current business positioning, services and products and materials being used by the company and then look at the competition the business faces within their market. We then have a good idea of the market and the current situation within the company and our MD can then facilitate a one day, closed door meeting with key decision makers to investigate how and where the company could best place its efforts to build a brand within their market and take market share.

For further information and an understanding of what this process entails please download our brand insight brochure here



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