Illustrations can be a large part of a brand look and feel, and no by illustration we don’t mean jigsaw puzzle pieces and little round men climbing up stairs. We’re talking about a specific style, a look and feel that can build a brand, define a business and help stand out from the competition. During our time we have created award winning brands, books, video infographics for clients such as Cap Gemini and used illustrations to win a lot of admirers and business for our clients.

We have done this by thinking laterally about the client and their audience, working out illustrations are the correct way forward and whether they enhance the brand and its message.

However a word of caution when choosing a style you must think about its longevity, who the brand is trying to attract and the subject matter. There are literally hundreds of thousands of illustrators globally and hence the same amount of styles therefore the choice can be a complex and difficult one.

In some instances, particularly when creating video infographics we have provided the illustrations internally, meaning that we keep control of the style on behalf of our clients and ensuring that they always have access to push the style whenever and however they wish.

However if a style is purchased externally then the future of the style must be protected, rights purchased and long term agreements made that protect the brand going forward. To us illustration isn’t just someone who is good at art and can make a pretty picture; it is integral part of the brand and something that should be considered long and hard before commitment.

The benefits behind using illustration are quite simple:

  • It allows for any image to be generated and the creative juices to flow.
  • None of your competitors will be able to copy or follow you as the style will very much be built around your brand. Something that cannot be said with photos.
  • It will create stand out in the market.
  • It is often far more cost effective than using a photographer and more flexible than using a stock library.

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