Gamification has become a buzz word especially around eLearning and community based projects. The concept is simple, you want an audience to learn, participate or interact with your brand? Reward them. Give them badges of honour, free gifts something that makes them feel like they are getting something. Your customers are hungry for rewards and status, so give it to them. Make them feel part of the brand and their loyalty will grow. It makes sense; don’t we all like to be appreciated?

Websites like foursquare grew to their valuation of $600 million simply based on rewarding consumers with imaginary positions of power and badges and grew to the 25 million users off the back of it. ELearning has seen uptakes of over 200% (one of our clients saw a 300% increase in uptake) when we introduced gamification to their site and service. They also won an award and had an increase in agent engagement of 65% which made them happy and their clients even happier. ( to read more about the result)

So what business would use gamification and why? Typically a client needs to have something that requires a user to log in daily and to interact with the brand. Typically it is used to motivate teams, boost employee collaboration, employee development and increased loyalty and sales. In effect if you want increased uptake then gamify it and it will become more sticky and more attractive to your audience.

Gamification is the new kid on the block but already proving a huge success with clients globally. Business currently using gamification internally with their employees or externally with their clients to increase interaction include, Ford, Mattel, ESPN, Playboy, Toyota and Virgin gaming. We think it is around to stay and believe that it will be used more and more to create bigger depth of understanding and also differentiation from the competition.

Typical benefits of gamification are:

  • Higher interaction by the intended audience including more time and more often.
  • Less churn as customers build greater loyalty to the brand.
  • Higher intake of information as the viewer is more interested and focused.

To find out more give us a call and we can see how you might benefit from gamification within your business.

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