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You must have gone to exhibitions and as you walk up and down the aisles you see desperate faces looking at you, eager to make eye contact so that they can start a conversation and hopefully see if you are in the market for their wares? We all have. As you also are probably aware exhibiting at these shows costs quite a lot of money. Not just for the stand, space and collateral but the time taken out by staff, the organisational time the costs for hotels and travel and sustenance. By the time you’ve finished exhibitions are costly process to win new business.

Therefore before you commit to show at an exhibition why not find a little more money, spend it wisely and create an event that attracts people to your stand. Create something that people stop to look at, interact with, and tell others about. Something that generates interest amongst the spectators and gets them looking at you. For instance one of our events attracted over 2000 visitors to our clients stand over two days. The stand was humming with people actually queuing to interact with them. Now that was a good spend of cash. Over the two days it generated over £500,000 worth of new business leads with the key decision maker and hundreds of warm follow up calls.

Exhibitions are there for sales, nothing more nothing less. So they need a strategy and structure all of their own that fits with the overall strategy of the business otherwise they can be a very costly few days out of the office.

The key benefits behind having coordinated sales collateral are:


  • It attracts people to you rather than you trying to pull them onto your stand.
  • It allows easy follow up processes and generates higher sales leads.
  • It makes the risk worthwhile as you stand out from all the other companies who are just exhibiting.

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