Direct marketing

Why would you direct mail when there are so many other cheaper options? Well partly because that’s what most people think which is why you may have noticed that you get very little direct mail comparatively to what you sued to get? Also because if carefully targeted direct mail still has the highest response rate of any marketing process and if used in conjunction with a telesales process the results can be incredible for sales.

One of our defined processes currently runs at an average of four meetings/calls per 10 pieces when sent out to C level positions within companies of any size. This has helped our clients have conversations and win many millions of pounds worth of business.

In our mind direct mail is still one of the mainstays of marketing however it must be thought through, created for the right reason and tracked for effectiveness. Of course there is mass branded direct mail which works to generate sales and at the same time create brand recognition and this is usually the domain of the bigger brands who can afford a large wastage simply to generate the brand recognition.

Most of our clients however want tight, focused direct mail campaigns that generate high levels of response. Of course this typically costs more than blanket mails and needs multiple coordinated processes within the structure, but if the results are worth it…..

The key benefits behind direct mail within your marketing mix are: 

  • Not many people are doing it therefore you can stand out
  • It can be part of a tightly define process which can then be tracked and refined.
  • It works.

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