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There were days when you could go online and the money would flow. Simply being online was enough. Those days are gone. The online world has changed dramatically (often through Googles insistence) and has moved from a simple structure into one of the most complex marketing processes there is. From keywords, SEO, SOPR, AdWords, social media (and the hundred or so outlets here that constantly shift), algorithms (which google constantly change) the list is endless and the job highly complex. Every man and his dog has a website, companies from globally are using the internet to attack and approach each other’s markets.

As of Jan 2014 there were 180 million active websites globally with a further 51 million being added yearly. Its estimated that there are over 2.4 billion users globally who run around 1.2 trillion searches (just google) per year. Add to that the whole mobile platform being developed and you can see it is quite a crowded place to be pitching for business. So now more than ever, a business (if they wish to generate leads through the internet) needs to think how they are going to approach an online strategy. Of course if they simply hosting a site and through their networking driving people toward it as a confirmation that they exist and will deliver the service offered then they simply need to be found and need to do very little.

However missing out on the 2.4 billion users and all that lovely business whilst your competitors win it is a little risky as a strategy.

Therefore the key focus has to be based around what do you want to accomplish, and in effect what does success look like. Serious consideration needs to be placed around ROI as the online world can suck the life out of a business especially when it comes to time management costs. It is also very important to realise that there are VERY different strategies depending upon what you are selling and to whom. A commodity often revolves around price and therefore traffic is key. B2B tends to focus around the quality of visitor and not the amount. Get it wrong and you have lots of visitors however if you don’t win business then all you end up with is a worn out carpet and a waste of everyone’s time. As I’ve said creating a digital and social media strategy is highly complex and a marketing directive in itself, this is way to complex to explain fully in this web page however the key benefits of doing so are:

  • Clarity around who you wish to attract, what you want them to do when they arrive and what comes next. This will create a higher win ratio.
  • The possibility of monitoring the success and failure of the strategy and therefore being able to fine tune and gauge if it is generating a good ROI for the amount of time and effort invested.
  • An understanding of whether online is a good place for you to invest your marketing budget and just how far you should go to support an online marketing initiative.

We think this makes sense and from the feedback and results we deliver so do our clients.

For further information and an understanding of how Latitude help companies discover and enhance their digital and social media strategy please download our brand insight brochure here >

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