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Brochures and sales collateral are only useful and worthwhile when they support your sales process and encourage sales, otherwise they are a complete waste of money. Some businesses simply couldn’t survive without their brochures as it is integral to their sales process. Equally however some businesses can survive without and only require e-documents. The key here is to look at how your potential client would react or does react within the sales process and whether a piece of printed material would help the process run smoother.

Often printed collateral creates trust within the viewer’s mind simply because the company is big enough and financially stable enough to print one. From there depending upon amount spent it creates different impressions.

This is why before Latitude design or suggest designing any printed materials or supportive sales collateral we review with the client whether they are REALLY necessary to ensure a sale. If not then why waste money designing for ego reasons?

This also means that when between us we have decided that we DO require materials we know why and where they fit within the sales process. Ensuring that we use the right key messaging, totally focus the materials into the sales system and the sales team are well briefed as to which piece of collateral to use and when. Meaning that the client gets good use of the materials and we can keep print runs down and ensure we use the most cost effective printing processes.

The key benefits behind having coordinated sales collateral are:

  • Tightly focused messaging used at the appropriate time during the sales process
  • Highest level of impact attained for the lowest cost.
  • No piles of unused brochures and folders filling cabinets and causing a mess.

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