Brand messaging

Probably the most important single facet a company can work on to attract, retain and stand out from the market. In our mind the message is the starting point of all communication. We call it the why you argument. Why should a client work with you above all your competitors? If you can't answer that or your answer is because were really nice and professional, your in trouble.

Every marketplace has become over crowded, with more and more business mouths to feed therefore having a message that stands out, attracts and defines your business above all others is imperative. If you allow the market to define you then you leave yourself to be judged on price and how nice and professional you are. Now you may be very nice and incredibly professional but we don't feel it is necessarily a scalable strategic process to build a business around.

In our process we cannot work or create any marketing or brand work until we have a message and structure to work around.

If we did we would simply be adding gloss to something that in the long term won't work. Something we call lipstick on a pig. Great design is necessary of course it is however without a great message behind it that builds a brand in the clients mind it is thin, short term and vacuous.

So where can you find a message? In your clients, in your process, culture, guarantees, product anywhere. You might do something that you simply take for granted but the market is screaming out for. You need to pull something out that your market desires and build your company around it. Ensure it attracts the kind of client you want and then run out there and shout it from the rooftops. Don't complicate it and dress it up. You might be surprised the impact it makes.

Let's put it this way whenever we have done this process for our clients it has doubled their turnover within 18 months.

A word of caution though. What you tell your marks you are you had better be. You need to support any external messaging with internal structure and processes to ensure that it is delivered. Otherwise your market/clients will quickly catch on and you'll soon lose them as quickly as you won them.

Worth thinking about?

To recap, the key benefits of building a strong brand message are:

  • Create something that attracts, retains and stands out from your competition. Something that is more than what you sell something that is emotionally attractive to the type of clients you wish to build your business around.
  • Builds longevity into your marketing and business and creates a thought. Something that others will find difficult to replicate. There by creating something you can explain to your staff and back up with processes and is easily explainable to the market and supportable by your staff.
  • Attract only the clients you wish and disqualify the time wasters. Build a strong business around your core message and then increase prices. If you do something others don't and it has a real or perceived value then make sure you charge for it.

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