Brand launch

Possibly the most crucial part of any brands existence is its launch. Here it will either make a splash, gain traction and move forward or if the messaging and planning hasn’t been correctly thought through it will limp along and make life very difficult for itself. Typically more money is then spent to support the brand and drive the sales needed.

A brand launch can and should encapsulate everything a brand needs to survive, however before it is launched real attention should be spent on who it is trying to attract and what noise it is trying to make and where. Good press and bad can be used to drive PR and in effect get a brand in front of its intended audience and there are many vehicles that can combine to ensure an effective launch. In the last few years’ latitude have helped clients launch their products across Europe creating interactive shows to get potential clients talking about and interacting with the brand. Most importantly though generating sales.

We also ensure that before a brand is launched it has undergone due research within the market, competitors have been researched to ensure that he brand stands out and the brand has something specific to say to its intended audience. We can then use this message as the foundation of all launch activity.

The key benefits clients achieve through a defined and structured brand launch are:

  • Sets up an immediate traction and recognition within the audiences mind.
  • Creates a stand out proposition that can be supported and built upon going forward.
  • Can create considerable press and sales.


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