Brand Creation

So what is a brand? This may seem like a strange question but in our experience different people have different answers. Some think it is a logo, others a business and others a product or service. We’d like to share what we believe a brand is and this way we will be able to explain easier how to create one.

A brand to us is everything a client experiences when they interact with a company. It encompasses customer service, message, look and feel, internal culture the entire experience. This means that building a brand becomes a combined project for us when we work with a company. Between us we define what the business will and can stand for. What they can support and defend as a brand within their market.

Our clients work to enhance and deliver the brand internally so that the brand and the brand values are transferred to the staff. We work to enhance and deliver the brand externally so that the brand and the brand values are transferred to current and potential clients. This way we create a seamless client experience and start to build a brand experience within the clients mind.

With the competition increasing in every market having stand-out as a brand is as important to small businesses as it is too big. Both in our mind need to define their existence to their targets to give themselves longevity and increase their chances of survival.

The key benefits of building a brand are:

  • Builds an experience that is bigger than the product or service itself which reduces customer churn and allows a business to create sustainable growth.
  • Creates an end to end supportable message that both consumers and employees can express and support.
  • Has a value in its own right at times worth more than the company itself. Coca cola business is valued at a third of the brand value.

Building a brand in today’s market in our mind is vital. Without it a business leaves itself open to competitors approaching and winning their clients. With it they are defendable and can build a scalable defendable position.

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